Why Us?

SonarHouse Electronic Music School

Sonarhouse, where we carefully select separate systems and equipment for each floor, is an electronic music school with fully equipped music technologies that competes with industry standards. We’ve thought of everything to help you move on to the right foundations with professional equipment.

Our studio, where you can get services such as electronic music production course with Ableton, dj course and performance applications, is located in Istanbul/Karaköy.

Inspiration to your Goals

We aim to get to know you more closely and support your personal development so that we can produce solutions that meet your needs. We are aware that no one is born an expert in a job, that the path to expertise is through the right foundation, work, passion and motivation. SonarHouse is aware that anyone who has a passion for his/her work can try and always do more.

Let your Rhythm Flow

SonarHouse is not just a music school, but a passionate community that supports the creative processes of like-minded people of music and sound technology. When you complete classes at sonarhouse and become a successful graduate, SonarHouse won’t leave you. It supports you to benefit from all the privileges of our community to do more. Graduate members have the chance to show their talents and promote their music in our online content, podcasts and videos that we prepare, as well as having opportunities to perform at our own events and venues that we have contracted!

Not Certificates, but Secrets of the Music Industry!

It’s our passion for what we do that makes us who we are. Our biggest difference is that we come from the heart of the sector. SonarHouse consists of a productive, active and creative community of instructors with professional music and industry careers. So it promises you the secrets of the music industry, not certificates that no one will ask.

Important note: when you complete your training at Sonarhouse, you are eligible for a course completion certificate issued on your behalf.

If there are certificates issued in our country using the name of brands, we strongly recommend that you question their global official links and the equivalence of these certificates.

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Correct Methods

Creative thought and imagination is a potential that waits to emerge in every person when reinforced with the right methods and techniques. Support for creative thought and imagination is a must for Sonarhouse. We have a full content that forces you to think creatively and expands your horizons.